New project, CREATE, aims to fight stigma of leprosy

The CREATE Project, funded by a €1.3m grant from the European Union and The Leprosy Mission England and Wales, aims to tackle the negative stigma surrounding lepers and disabilities, in the fight to eliminate the disease.

Kalpana Yadav, a lady affected by leprosy.

The 3 year scheme, CSOs (local organisations) for Resource mobilisation , Empowerment, Advocacy, Training & Employment (CREATE) will be launched this month in South India, and aims to train 3000 men and women in jobs such as computer operators, electricians, tailors, and how to start their own businesses. The money will also go into researching practical ways of tackling the discrimination and stigma against lepers.

According to Gareth Shrubsole, the project’s co-ordinator, the project hopes to raise awareness about diversity, human rights and adopting fair employment practices by working with local governments and employers to help thousands of people affected by leprosy and disability to challenge injustice and build a better future for themselves and their children.



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